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17 nov 2022 om 21:20 Heel goed
14 nov 2022 om 20:55 The banh was French bread. Not really what we were looking for. Salad and soup were good.
9 nov 2022 om 19:42 very good quality
31 aug 2022 om 7:53 Very messy restaurant. I didn't receive all the food that I ordered because the lady forgot to give to the driver. I Call the restaurant and she asked if I could go and pickup myself what she forgot to send. No refoud options nor another solution.
8 aug 2022 om 8:53 Heel smakelijke noedelsalades, ook goede porties.
2 jul 2022 om 18:59 Food great! Delivery and service excellent!
17 mei 2022 om 21:00 Heel lekkere noedels! Echte aanrader!
1 apr 2022 om 23:37 The Pho was excellent this time, the lime was a nice touch that added a lot to the taste. The broth itself was excellent even without it too. I love how this restaurant is improving their recipes. The Banh-Mi pulled pork is amazing as always.
12 mrt 2022 om 22:29 The bahn mie was a bit too salty for my taste. The noodlesalad was good.
5 feb 2022 om 18:08 Great Pho, the soup did not leak which is nice. However, the food was overpackaged (box, plastic bag and cardboard bag).
27 jan 2022 om 11:40 The Pho and Bahn-Mi are excellent, much better than Ah Quy, the only other Vietnamese restaurant in Leuven. It's a bit more expensive, but the portions are bigger too, so it evens out. Didn't care much for "ramen" though, it was bland compared to Pho