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17 mei 2022 om 21:00 Heel lekkere noedels! Echte aanrader!
1 apr 2022 om 23:37 The Pho was excellent this time, the lime was a nice touch that added a lot to the taste. The broth itself was excellent even without it too. I love how this restaurant is improving their recipes. The Banh-Mi pulled pork is amazing as always.
12 mrt 2022 om 22:29 The bahn mie was a bit too salty for my taste. The noodlesalad was good.
5 feb 2022 om 18:08 Great Pho, the soup did not leak which is nice. However, the food was overpackaged (box, plastic bag and cardboard bag).
27 jan 2022 om 11:40 The Pho and Bahn-Mi are excellent, much better than Ah Quy, the only other Vietnamese restaurant in Leuven. It's a bit more expensive, but the portions are bigger too, so it evens out. Didn't care much for "ramen" though, it was bland compared to Pho
4 jan 2022 om 21:31 Not good at all
16 sep 2021 om 8:43 Pho soup was okay, but not the best I had in Belgium The banh mi was rather disappointing, though the bread bun was good and fresh and the pulled pork also of good quality, the mix of the mayo and the veggies was rather poor and too salty.